People Oriented

 Employees is the key success of the company. Pengkai provides employees interesting work , professional training,development opportunities for personal growth, and make employees feel respected.

Their diversified ability, experience and perspective are mobilized to make  company better.






Pengkai will assess the employee performance annually ,hold up trainings according to employee and marktet requirment. Pankai will also provide many professional trainings for employee’s personal development.Operation & Management Team will discuss company strategies, the basic training for  employees and potential managers will be focused on basic management skilll . The following areas will be focused.






Well-trained and motivated employees are the decisive factor of success, so talent development has always been a important strategic issue and a priority of Pengkai.Pengkai aims to ensure continuous growth of talents over the world. The employees with excellent language skills and valuable international experiences are very import for the future development of Pengkai, Pengkai is able to provide them with interesting management and professional careers.Talent development involves identification,attraction, employment and retainment of talents. This is the key responsibility of each manager.  Pengkai will always support and encourage the diversified creativities,

innovations and wining  spirite  of employees.






We believe that the staff who continuously devotes themselves to the success of Pengkai are talent and they should be supported and cultivated by Pengkai.We encourage our staff to attend the professional skill training which is needed by Pengkai. And we hope that our each employee can have a chance to realize his/her

maximum potentials in accordance with his/her business requirement.






Our intership plan are aimed to provide the opportunities for the young educated undergraduate to have professional experience under the international environment.As an intern, you will be assigned to a different positions to learn about company. In addition, you will obtain trainings on selected topics. Combination of work and training will  ensure you are fully prepared in the future career. Also, you will have the opportunity to best use of their personal ability and skills.According to requirements of department, the intern program is adjusted frequently. Therefore, the plan can not be published right now.. When the new plan is started, it will be released timely.




One of  goals of the human resources policy is to ensure that the work environment has the following characteristics: equal treatment, positive, team development, and the ability to discuss issues with all levels of personnel.Company internal operation should be law-abiding, responsible and respected. In order to clarify this point,

the company  should conduct the following provisions.