Global Care


Pengkai uses natural cellulose as raw materail. Therefore,we are committed to carefully use and save the natural resources .We achieve this goal through fully use of raw material, efficiently use of energy, low emission technology. For environmental protection, Pengkai always stresses the ecological and social responsibility will bring economic benefits.





Efficient use of raw materials is not only the economic needs but also the practice of Pengkai responsibility.

Zero waste benefits Pengkai in two aspects:First, the company's business success depends on the efficient use of raw materials.Second, meet the high standards of company responsibility.More effective operation can reduce the disposal of surplus materials and waste, which will bring greater economic benefits.This result proves that environmental and social responsibility are compatible with business development.This also shows that Pengkai

fully make practice of this principle in their daily work.






With fixed high energy consumption,efficient use of energy has been the key economic benefits of the company.Despite the need to optimize profitability,Pengkai will not  make any compromise on the destruction of the environment.

All the steam energy of Pengkai are produced from straw boiler without  using any fossil fuels.






Water, as the earth's most important resources, is an important input in the production process.Usage and discharging of water strictly follow  company's sustainable development. In the process of production, water are used repeatedly.Ensure domestic sewage treatment to be compliant with local government requirment, discharging of waste water should meet environmental standards.After scientific treatment ,the COD of waste water will be reduced to meet the requirments and send to use as raw material in around factory.





In the production process, a small amount of organic by-products will generate.No burning process,we equiped one set of device to send them to nearby factory as a raw material to use.