Prodcuts Introduction


  PAN-KEY products is a nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether which is derived from natural cellulose (pulp & cotton).The cellulose reacts with Sodium hydroxide solution to produce an alkali cellulose , then alkali cellulose reacts with etherification agents such as methyl chloride, propylene oxide or ethylene oxide to get PAN-KEY product . Although cellulose contains many hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, it will not dissolve in water. That is because hydroxyl groups can create strong intermolecular hydrogen bondings, and form crystal structures to prevent water flowing into the interval between cellulose molecules.


  During the etherification phase, some hydrogen atoms of the hydroxyl groups of cellulose are substituted by methyl groups (-CH3), hydroxypropyl groups (-CH2CHOHCH3), or hydroxyethyl groups (-CH2CH2OH), and these substituents can eliminate intermolecular hydrogen bondings to make PAN-KEY product water-soluble.


  Depending on your application,PAN-KEY products would be a choice to replace Guar gum.

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