Quality Control





As a cellulose ether manufacturer, we deeply understand the importance of  providing stable and high quality products .High purity and high cleanliness are the requirements for our offered products.In order to provide the best quality products, we apply the most advanced quality control technology and system.In order to achieve the high standard requirement, we imported the most advanced analytical instrument and deeply expand our quality control system on the  basis of original base., Meanwhile, a complete set of management system is built up to ensure the continuous and effective provision of high quality products.As the best partner of our customers,

we will always provide products with stable quality.






Pengkai has been paying great attention to“QC” since it was established and has done a lot of work to set up quality control measures.Pengkail keeps developing new type products.Meanwhile, Pengkai also develops a set of systems and technologies to improve the quality of our existing products.We regularly check and review our product quality as per ISO certification requirements.In order to meet the requirements of the Times,

we are unflaggingly going for quality control.








5S is a quality control measure based on statistic data analysis. The target is to reduce the proportion of inferior-quality products. Now it has been run throughout Pengkai’s management system to improve product quality.Pengkai has been applying 5S management since it was established and now it has achieved good results.Pengkai will use all kinds of measures to continuously raise the level of quality control and strive  to meet the high-level demand of clients.Meanwhile, they will enhance product quality awareness

on all the employees and strive to improve overall productivity.